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commented 2016-07-20 09:54:22 +0100
Jo, Joseph Szots and I (Hazel Szots) want to rejoin the Labour Party. Joe has signed up on the website – where do we pay our membership fees and how much are they.

Hazel (ex Cossham fighters)
commented 2016-06-09 22:08:21 +0100
Hi, I’ve recently been informed by a close friend of mine who lives in the kingswood area that after getting an end of tenenacy letter as unfortunately he has to sale the property due to financial reasons she has asked for help from the local council as she unable to afford private rents in today’s market my friend is a single mother of a six year old child and when said friend had a meeting with the housing officer at south glous in kingswood was informed that the best thing she could do is illegally stay in her place of residence past the eviction date until a CCJ was put against her and then and then and only then the council might intervene and they would put mother and daughter in a b&b! I quite frankly find quite abbhorrent and I’m sure illegal! As a member of the Labour Party but in the st George east area I hope you can deal with said issue thankyou
commented 2016-05-23 14:55:59 +0100
hi my name is Hilary Townsend and for appox 5 years I have been trying to save my house as the court want to sell it . this started when my husband died and I was claiming widows pension, and working I thought I was on the right allowance but was;nt I have been to court and they gave 1 year to pay I have sold everything that I can the debt was for 16,500 I have paid £2.500 I have nothing left to sell I still owe £98,000 on the house which I pay £952.00 per month which takes nearing all my pension and disableable so I and left with very little to live on I am 64 years old , also my daughter lives with me and she is disabled as well if they take the house the council will not give me a house so where do I go I have no other family I could go to, so if there is anything you could do I would be very grateful for any help,
posted about this on Facebook 2016-05-10 10:02:52 +0100
Contact us
commented 2015-10-16 11:22:07 +0100

I would like to endorse the application above, it would be brilliant to have the store which sells quality goods at affordable prices.

At present I have to travel by car to Hanham to shop, if this goes ahead I will walk. So it will be good for the health of the people of Kingswood also !!

If the site is left as it is, the fly tippers and vandals will take over and make the area a slum.

Susanne Slane
commented 2015-09-16 09:09:38 +0100
Will you please post on this site the time, data and places where meetings of Kingswood Constiuency Labour Party take place so I can put them in my diary.
I am a member of the party and find it difficult to find out when and where meetings take place. Most organisations are keen to notify their members through their website.

Many thanks

commented 2015-06-18 16:24:45 +0100
Hi, I see that by joining as a “supporter” it’s possible to vote for a specific candidate for the leadership election, if this is the case, can you please forward a link so that I pay the £3.00 asking fee & an online voting form. Regards & thanks.
commented 2015-05-19 10:50:25 +0100
Jo,You persuaded my wife and I to support you(and the local council candidates) when we were

undecided, and we are sorry that you were not successful. We are very disappointed that all

of a sudden members of the shadow cabinet are now running down Ed Milliband in

order to “hopefully” strengthen their case for Leader. We will have to think twice before

we support any of them in a future election. David Sturges.
commented 2015-05-11 18:28:10 +0100
I have never voted Labour, this time around I was looking to change, but did not, for the simple reason was that the candidate put up by the Labour Party was not from Kingswood or the Bristol area,surely there was a suitable candidate from Bristol/Kingswood,which Chris Skidmore plays heavily upon and gains many many votes,may be next time it may be considered
commented 2015-05-06 20:18:06 +0100
Lost my polling card. Where is my polling station. I live in parlwall road BS30 8HB. Please forward info so I can give you my vote. Thank you. E mail
commented 2015-04-29 10:30:58 +0100





commented 2015-04-28 09:18:30 +0100
Can you ask Ollie to ring me
commented 2015-04-24 12:44:08 +0100
Hi so sorry said I could help post leaflets today at 1.30 but something has came up so I can’t make it now . Please let me know if you need any help at any other time . So sorry .
commented 2015-04-24 09:29:14 +0100

I am writing to see if you would be able to support my quest for some information and answers. My name is Ruth and I work at a small family run independent day nursery in Warmley. We are the Rocking Horse Day Nursery and have been tenants at the Grange school for over twenty years. As you may know the decision to close the school has been made and a studio school will replace it. Unfortunately no-one seems to have considered us in all of this. Apparently Chris Skidmore fought for the studio school but his oversight was not realising we were there! It has reached a point where we just do not know what the future holds. There has been no consideration of us at all. We have been totally excluded from all meetings and not part of any decision process. The council give us no answers despite the fact they take considerable rent from us each year!

We do not want to relocate. We want to stay where we are. We are long established and have worked hard, investing our time, energy and money into our building and surrounding gardens. Many parents choose us for our outdoor space. Others choose us because we use a high/scope approach that is fairly unique in our area. Others choose us for our warm and friendly feel. It is difficult enough to survive as a small private operator as profits are non existent due to funding not covering the costs of free places, although I digress as this is a different issue. It would be an outcry if a successful and good quality setting was forced to close. South Glos need all the places for children it can get, especially for the youngest children. It has been difficult to build up numbers with such an uncertain future. Even when parents are sure they would choose us they hear of the school closure and are rightly hesitant. Parents cannot afford to make the wrong choice as their children’s development and learning is at stake.

I write on behalf of the Rocking Horse team ( committed and professional but concerned)children and families hoping you may be able to help.

Thank you

Ruth Horwood (lead practitioner/deputy)
commented 2015-04-13 12:41:50 +0100
Hello Jo

I went to the doctor in June 2014 with back pain. Eventually I was referred by him and saw a consultant on March 5th 2015 at Southmead, who said he would operate but that the waiting list was 12 to 18 months ! I am in so much pain, can you help ?
commented 2015-04-10 13:12:20 +0100
Hi there..

I live in Worcester road in kingswood and would like to bring the annoyance of restricted parking for residents to your is very annoying that through the day if I move my car for any reason then on my return I find it hard to park near my house..number it gets taken very quickly by people either working or visiting kings chase shopping centre as they don’t want to pay for parking at the car park provided. Your former colleague Mr Roger Berry was already dealing with this matter but was unable to carry it through due to him losing his seat..I would appreciate if you could contact me regarding this matter on 07572041294 or 01179540728 or by email at…only if I could put some suggestions to you to see if this could be trialled or if you can come up with a better idea…I do hope you win your election and I am torn in who to give my vote to in the May ELECTION



commented 2015-04-08 14:34:17 +0100
I an most concerned that you have obtained my address,and sent me Election Material.

Ware have you got this from?. It did not come from the Election List?.

If this was obtained illegally without my consent,that is against the law!

I would like to know how you obtained this as I have never been in contact with you.

Remove all my contact detail NOW

C Morris, Mr
commented 2015-04-07 16:27:40 +0100
Would Ms McCarron be interested in contacting Kingswood Community Transport with a view on helping us with issues relating to us as a charity & our concerns for the future. Regards Mike Cox
commented 2015-03-30 22:41:04 +0100
I’m intrigued why as a Kingswood constituent who is not affiliated or a member of any political party I have been blocked on Twitter to see the claims one of my perspective MP candidates is making. I have never been rude, abusive or offensive in any Tweets and have only ever picked up on points you make which I don’t agree with. If this is the approach you take towards potential voters how can you claim to represent the people who live in this area?
commented 2015-03-19 21:40:03 +0000
To Kingswood Labour Party representatives.

I feel compelled to write to you about the troubling situation regarding future legislation of Electronic Cigarettes .

There has been much confusion and debate concerning electronic cigarettes, both in the media and in politics. Many reporters have created sensationalized reports about research projects concerning electronic cigarettes and their supposed health risks. As an indirect result of this some political powers, including the European Union and numerous state or national governments have begun proposing legislation to restrict or ban the sale of electronic cigarettes and e juice, without first considering the facts of the case.

I believe that no legislation should be passed without first checking the facts of the situation thoroughly. While many anti-tobacco lobbyists would like to demonize vaping (the use of electronic cigarettes) there has been no scientific evidence to suggest that these devices pose any threat whatsoever to public health. They are in fact a much safer alternative to traditional tobacco products such as cigarettes and snuff, because electronic cigarettes do not contain the multitude of carcinogenic substances collectively known as “tar” which is found in tobacco cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes contain exactly four ingredients: Vegetable Glycerine, Propelyne Glycol, Flavorings, and Nicotine. The first three are all widely known to be safe to the WHO and other health organizations. Nicotine is the only substance contained in electronic cigarette vapor which is debatable in any way, there have been several recent studies which have shown that nicotine does not pose a substantial health risk, and is not as addictive as many believe. These studies have shown that smokers are most likely addicted to the other chemicals in the “tar” of burning tobacco, and that nicotine is merely a drug similar to caffeine.

Electronic cigarettes could prove to be a viable cessation aid for the millions of smokers around the world. By researching the facts about electronic cigarettes and presenting them to the public, our government could save the lives of thousands of people each year who might switch to vaping. Anti-tobacco lobbyists do not want this to happen, because they see anything containing nicotine as inherently harmful.

I’m writing this letter to urge you to find out the truth for yourself. As an elected government official, you should not take things at face value simply because someone tells you to. I do not presume to tell you what to believe about electronic cigarettes. The research supporting this is readily available, but it has been suppressed or overlooked by the sensationalist media who are looking for striking headlines rather than the truth. I am asking you to investigate the existing research and initiate further studies so a proper and informed decision can be made.

I believe electronic cigarettes to be a powerful tool to help people quit smoking where other cessation aids might fail and vaping is a safe hobby for many people. With your help, traditional tobacco products could become an obsolete relic of the past, and diseases like lung cancer could be drastically reduced. I can say with confidence that my life has been changed by vaping, and I hope that it will continue to help others like me. Smokers and their family members are at an even greater risk than anyone could have imagined, as the devices which could save their lives are being restricted or banned.
Thank you for your consideration,

Kind Regards

Peter J Harper
commented 2015-03-10 12:37:09 +0000
Dear Jo McCarron,

I made contact via your contacts form a couple of weeks ago regarding an invite to an informal and small coffee morning as part of the National Autistic Society’s “I Am One” General Election campaign. The purpose of the coffee morning is to meet families affected by Autism to hear our stories about the difficulties we have had accessing various services and also the great practice we have experienced.

I haven’t heard back but wanted to make you aware that the coffee morning is being held on the 13th of March 10am at The Indigo Centre, Bridgeyate should you be able to attend.

Best Wishes,

Jo Marie Shanks
commented 2015-02-23 15:16:13 +0000
Dear Jo McCarron

I am writing as a mother from a family within your constituency affected by Autism, and like all families touched by Autism, we have seen some great service provision but have also been sorely let down and failed by services and had to battle hard for our loved ones to access services, even full time education.

We want more positive changes for those living with autism in their lives as much can be improved, that is why we are taking part in the National Autistic Society’s I Am One General Election Campaign:

We would like to invite you to a coffee morning to meet a couple of families for half an hour, to briefly hear our stories.

We appreciate that you must have a lot of demand and pull on your time, especially in the run up to the general elections so wonder when your diary is most free and when would be best for you?

Thank you for your time, looking forward to hearing from you soon

Yours Sincerely

Mrs Jo Marie Shanks
commented 2015-01-22 00:50:56 +0000
Dear Sir/Madam

I hope you do not mind me writing my thoughts regarding Labour Straegy regatding the upcoming election. I should add that I have supported Labour all my adult life.

I have also been involved in the past with the local labour party

I believe during this election campaign that it is important to challenge and dispel the lies and dodgy statistic given by the Tories in undermining labour and hiding their own failures.

Just because the Tories and right wing press spout the same message over and over again does not make the message correct and I believe these myths by the Tories need to be challenged.

What concerns me greatly is the narrative that labour was at fault in bankrupting the country and disregarding the global economic collapse. There is an urgent need to dispel this myth that many see as true and argue that it was untamed corporate capitalism and greed that the Tories represent.

There is a need to remind people that it was Labour that conceived and saved the NHS after 2007 and brought in a raft of measures over decades to protect people in employment and their families whilst looking after the ill and vulnerable.

I feel we need to confront the apathy around the ever growing gap between the wealthiest and the rest of us. I believe we need to highlight that the richest 1% own nearly 99% of the wealth and that the gap between the very rich and poor continues to widen despite the recession

I believe labour supporters need to be armed with accurate facts and statistics to equip them when faced with the disinformation spouted by the Tories. I question how available information requests can be sought from the Labour party regarding accurate facts in countering misinformation by the Tories and media. In this respect I believe labour have to be honest about what they achieved during Government and acknowledge the mistakes also.

The most important message in my view is to exposé clearly the values of the Labour party and how the values of fairness, equality, compassion, empowerment and greater opportunities can only be achieved through socialist principles. These values are best represented by the principles of the NHS a service the majority of people value and would reportedly be prepared to pay more for in taxation in order to save the service.
If there is evidence available to show that many people would be better off by public provision of health and social care through taxation it may encourage more people to pay more tax.

People, for example, may be pursuaded to pay a little more taxation and forgo tax cuts if it could be shown that their parent(s) inheritance and hard earned savings could be passed to them through inheritance rather than paying the current extortionate amounts to private providers for residential care.
Evidence needs to be compiled nad disseminated to show that tax cuts would result in many more people being financially worse off in the immediate or long term due to the extra funding required to pay for essential public services.

The consequences of tax cuts on public services may persuade floating voters to the Labour cause .

I believe there is a wider understanding of the dangers of the privatisation and lack of funding of the NHS that is compelling those to pay additional money for private health provision.

If I jumped the bus queue by giving a bus driver additional money to ensure I had a seat I would be castigated by other passengers . However as a patient I could be diagnosed and treated more quickly at the expense of other patients in greater medical need if I was in a position to pay privately without the same castigation.

These values are as important as any given leader of the party and might serve to deflect from people’s false perceptions created by the constant bullying and negative propaganda of the labour leader by the press.

I believe the Tories failure in Government can be exposed for who they are with the right narrative based on accurate and accessible information and data.
commented 2014-12-06 15:57:34 +0000
Hi Jo, I really think the LP is missing a trick by not making much more of the fact that many of the big corporations do not pay their fair share of tax. I read recently that in the 1950’s companies paid over 30% of tax receipts in the USA – today that figure has fallen to below 10% & I suspect exactly the same applies in the UK (although I have no idea where to obtain those sort of comparisons) – who makes up the shortfall – we, your voters do. I also remember seeing the figure of £42b as being the tax the revenue have not been able to collect. These are huge figures, the sort of figures that would allow the current gap in funding for the NHS to be dramatically reduced, yet I haven’t heard the Labour party shouting about it. Everytime a LP spokesperson opens his/her mouth they should be shouting about this just like the tories still claim everything is still the fault of the previous administration. Keep up the pressure.
commented 2014-11-28 13:58:12 +0000
Jo – have you remembered Christmas Cards?

Good Afternoon Jo,

Whilst your busy spreading the message on how beneficial a Labour government would be and pushing for success in your local area, have you remembered Christmas Cards?

Benefits of Christmas Cards

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What are we offering?

Print for Labour’s high quality printed 2014 Christmas Card range.

How does it work?

Use our existing designs (please ask or see, supply us with artwork, or work with our design team to create something bespoke. Our cards are printed in high quality on a greetings card board and creased to A5 (DL or bespoke sizes also available). Personalisation available. Envelopes are included.

What does it cost?

Our offers are currently:

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Why choose us?
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• We offer competitive pricing, and bespoke turnarounds to meet your needs

• Delivery is free, or we can despatch as mailings across the country

• All our team are Labour Party members

Who we’ve worked with?

At present we’re currently working on Christmas Cards for Mark Tami MP, Pat McFadden MP, Dai Harvard MP, Helen Goodman MP and The House of Lords to name a few!

How to order?

Simply phone our team on 0844 858 2899 or reply to this email

Thanks and good luck this Christmas!


Paul Buckley

Print for Labour

Print for Labour is a division of Riasca Ltd, Registered no: 4324350 VAT Registered: 870 8213 24
commented 2014-11-04 17:10:41 +0000
Please could i have a call back by jo to express concerns about the state of the welfare benefits and the unfare treatment that we get now i have worked for thirty five years and recently become disabled and curently recieve seventy four pounds forty and was advised by kingswood job centre to try my local food bank is this what i have been paying for for thirty five years if you could be so good to contact me by phone please on01179602592
commented 2014-09-17 18:22:14 +0100
Dear Jo McCarron,

We understand that you are the Labour Party’s PPC for Kingswood.

We animal protection campaigners were all so proud and delighted when Labour passed the Hunting Act 2004 and hoped there would be a mass conversion to genuine drag-hunting. Alas, this has not happened. Though the Act has somewhat cramped the style of organised Hunts, its spirit and the letter are being widely, repeatedly and deliberately flouted. Hares, foxes, deer and mink are still being cruelly harried and slaughtered for fun, with the attendant havoc that often involves. Many organised Hunts are ruthlessly exploiting loopholes in the Act which enable them to continue chasing and killing wild mammals much as before, and with very little fear of investigation, let alone prosecution.

We seek your support for our campaign for the Hunting Act to be amended to close these loopholes and make it much more effective. If you can attend the Labour Party Conference, we would be pleased if you could spare a few minutes to to visit our stand, where you will be able to get further information and view a video presentation. Stall 144, 3rd Sector Zone.

Prior to the Act’s passage, over 50,000 hunters reportedly signed a Pledge saying they would defy any ban. By a variety of means, this tiny, but ruthless and powerful minority have found ways to circumvent the law, knowing there is very little chance that they will suffer any, let alone adequate, sanctions. Time and again hunters avoid even investigation by claiming that witnessed chasing, even killing, of quarry was an ‘accident’.

Many Hunts exploit various loopholes in the Act and employ a variety of what one judge called ‘cynical subterfuges’, such as claiming to be ‘trail hunting’. A High Court judgement in 2009 made it even easier for Hunts to do this by declaring that, contrary to DEFRA’s previous advice, ‘searching’ was not ‘hunting’. It also stressed the need to prove ‘intent’.

All this effectively allows Hunts to send hound packs into areas where they know wild mammals are likely to be found and then allow the dogs to pursue and even kill them. It is extraordinarily difficult to acquire the necessary level of evidence to show that hunters intentionally engaged in such chases.

Police are usually reluctant to get involved, partly because cases are so very hard to prove. This passes the burden of to a small number of hunt monitors, mostly volunteers. They report that most Hunts are clearly still seeking to pursue wild mammals and that even the most gruesome aspects – cub hunting [happening nationwide right now] and dig-outs using terriers – remain widespread. Hunts’ attempts to disguise their activities as ‘trail hunting’, where they even bother with the pretence, usually appear fraudulent.

Monitors are regularly obstructed, threatened and assaulted by hunters attempting to prevent them gaining video evidence of live quarry hunting. But, even when they do, monitors are almost always advised by police and/or prosecutors that it is insufficient. We believe that pursuit of wild animals has probably taken place on most of the around 150,000 hunting days since the Act was passed. Yet there have only been around 30 successful cases against members of organised Hunts in those nine years.

Protect Our Wild Animals [POWA] has concluded that the only effective remedy is for the Hunting Act to be significantly strengthened in order to ease enforcement and enhance deterrence. Otherwise, organised Hunts will simply continue to ride roughshod over the will of people and Parliament and carry on slaughtering wild mammals for pleasure.

Clearly, this cannot happen in this Parliament, but we hope it may be possible in the next, in which you may be an MP of the governing party. We would much appreciate if you could indicate support for our campaign for the Hunting Act to be strengthened. To do so, just reply to this email with ‘Yes’ in the subject line, though we will, of course, be interested to receive any observations on the subject you may want to make.

A narrative account of the various ways in which organised Hunts sidestep the law can be found here and details of how we think the Act needs to be amended are here.

We realise that news of the need to return to the Hunting Act to strengthen it may be unwelcome.But it is not uncommon for such new legislation to be revised later to ensure it can properly fulfil its original purposes. Prior to the last General Election, Hilary Benn, then DEFRA Secretary of State, said ‘We will retain and improve the Hunting Act.’ – though no such intent has been promised since.

POWA and the Hunt Monitors Association are in the process of creating the Campaign to Stengthen the Hunting Act, which we hope to formally launch in late October. Further information to follow. Its website is still under construction but is already online. Also, a petition, addressed to Ed Milliband, has just been started, which we invite you to sign and share.

The Hunting Act was an achievement of which your Party is rightly proud, but it continues to be very widely ignored, undermined and circumvented. We need your help to persuade Labour that the Act really does need to be significantly strengthened to ease enforcement and enhance deterrence, so that the cruel and barbaric pastime of hunting wild mammals with dogs for ‘sport’ truly ceases to blight our countryside and our national conscience.

yours sincerely, Alan Kirby M.Sc, pp POWA

POWA is a nationwide network of highly experienced and knowledgeable anti-bloodsports campaigners

 Protect Our Wild Animals Limited is a Private Limited Company, registered in England & Wales, number 6687073, registered address 101 Ely Road, Llandaff, Cardiff, CF5 2BZ.
commented 2014-09-10 17:39:02 +0100
hi jo thanks for your email i wonder if you could help me this time i understand you know colin burgess from thornbury he is helping you he knows me i have lost colins email address and phone numbers home and mobile. please could i have it.
Many Thanks Keith Phone 07855621388 Eveings.
commented 2014-08-12 15:42:41 +0100
Hi my name is keith i wonder if all this would help .its very good for workers to have unions but they will not help with pre-existing problems.can this change.about theNHS when patients neds to see aGP they refuse to let patients see a GP of there choice. and very seldom answers a phone.patients wants free presciptions and free parking in all the hospitals thornbury wants its very very slow new hospital.about the unions they very seldom answers a phone and some times do not answer. hop all this helps keith.i know colin at thornbury he is a very nice mane.
commented 2014-05-29 17:22:54 +0100
Hi Jo, I would be interested in supporting your campaign for a MIU in Kingswood if there is anything I can do

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